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The sites listed below all have two things in common, they are charitable organizations dedicated to promoting education and they only ask that you "click" to create a donation.

The sites do have their differences in how your clicks translate into resources. In general, you click some place on the site and either you are shown ads and the revenue from the ads goes to a charity, or there are sponsors who pledge to pay or donate to the charity based on the number of clicks generated. So it costs you nothing but time.

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Give EducationThe Oaktree Foundation is currently raising money to help build schools in East Timor, one of the poorest nations in the world. $25 will cover the cost of opening up a full 7 years of primary school education for a child at one of the schools built by Oaktree and its partners in East Timor. This equates to $3.55 for one year of primary education for a child and 2c (the lowest amount raised per click) equates to 2 days of primary education.  Go
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Global e-inclusionThe consortium subscribes to the dream of an Information Society for All, and contributes this website to help in the battle against the digital divide. The ultimate aim of the website is to stimulate strong flows of solidarity and resources (i.e., funds, knowledge, experience, etc.) between rich and poor areas of the world, starting with a focus on educational projects.   Go
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The Literacy SiteWhen you click, we display ads from our site sponsors. 100% of the money from these advertisers goes to our charity partners, who fund programs to provide books to children in need. Our store gives a portion of every purchase to our charity partners.   Go
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