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The sites listed below all have two things in common, they are charitable organizations dedicated to improving health (or reducing unhealthy situations) and they only ask that you "click" to create a donation.

The sites do have their differences in how your clicks translate into resources. In general, you click some place on the site and either you are shown ads and the revenue from the ads goes to a charity, or there are sponsors who pledge to pay or donate to the charity based on the number of clicks generated. So it costs you nothing but time.

Let's Get Started!

Give WaterWhen Wateraid provides a community with ongoing and sustainable access to clean water and sanitation the net cost per person is $30. Over twenty five years (WaterAid projects will continue for the life of a community) the average cost to provide water per day is per day $0.0033. For 2c (the lowest amount raised per click) this equates to 6 days access to clean water and sanitation.  Go
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Stop Violence Against WomenMillions of women are victims of violence daily. Help stop rape, war crimes, domestic violence and more by supporting Amnesty International's Stop Violence Against Women programs.   Go
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Care for ChildrenYour click will help provide a child with food, medical attention and education for 30 days! Free clicks help Care2 sponsor 14 children each month. Click daily to help sponsor them all year.  Go
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Climb to Prevent Breast CancerClimb to Prevent Breast Cancer. Breast Cancer is a killer on the rise. It is estimated that 1 in 9 women will contract this deadly disease. Help The Breast Cancer Fund fight breast cancer now with your free click!   Go
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Trivia For Charity
It's Easy! 1. Pick a charity 2. Answer free questions
3. We donate money to the group you pick (Currently Cancer Research, Homeless Pets, & Homes for People in Need)   Go
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