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The sites listed below only ask that you "click" to create a donation. The charitable organizations here are dedicationd to ending human welfare issues such as poverty, homelessness, and slavery.

The sites have their differences in how your clicks translate into resources. In general, you click some place on the site and either you are shown ads and the revenue from the ads goes to a charity, or there are sponsors who pledge to pay or donate to the charity based on the number of clicks generated. So it costs you nothing but time.

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Care for ChildrenYour click will help provide a child with food, medical attention and education for 30 days! Free clicks help Care2 sponsor 14 children each month. Click daily to help sponsor them all year.  Go
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Help for MexicoThe Group of the Valley Foundation, AC is an association of civil non-profit, established on October 19, 2002, without any party affiliation, race or religion... It has independent legal personality and its own assets. (Mexico)
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Give Money10 cents represents the daily interest that Grameen pays to finance $400 that it then lends to a poor borrower. Thus 10 cents a day can maintain a $400 loan for someone to start their own business and lift themselves out of poverty. Your click will raise at least 2c, enough to finance approximately $100 of that loan today.  Go
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Trivia For Charity
It's Easy! 1. Pick a charity 2. Answer free questions
3. We donate money to the group you pick (Currently Cancer Research, Homeless Pets, & Homes for People in Need)   Go
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Youth NoiseJust 1 Click will support stopping slavery around the world... and even in our own backyard. YouthNoise will donate $.01 to The Not For Sale Campaign for every click, up to $1,000. Help reach the goal of 100,000 clicks and end slavery now!   Go
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